Want To FUTURE-PROOF  Your Child Care ?

New ideas to tackle your childcare center’s biggest challenges.

Want To FUTURE-PROOF  Your Child Care ?

New ideas to tackle your childcare center’s biggest challenges.

October 21st - 22nd Virtual Event

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October 21st - 22nd 

You are just a few small steps away from
Running a Future-Proof childcare
But do you know which tweaks you need to make?
We'll Show You At The Future of Childcare Conference!

From: Marnie Forestieri
Orlando, Florida

I’m Marnie and I’ll be your host in Orlando, Florida.

The Future of Childcare Conference is just around the corner, and we wanted to send this as your official invitation to join us.

Our team decided to host a conference to lead the conversation to build a stronger childcare ecosystem by exploring new ideas, and solutions in the intersections of technology, human resources, education and marketing.

In this conference, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from multi-generational experts, exchange ideas and engage in conversations to build bridges of understanding between the different generations. 

You’ll learn how to connect with the new generation as an employer and as a business.

Our 2-Day Event will take you through the most informative domains to help you embrace the new era of childcare and connect with the new generation of parents.

This conference it's also for:

  • Private school owners
  • Admission teams
  • Executive directors and marketing managers
  • ​Start-ups of private schools and childcare centers

You're Just One Conference Away...

Discover ''The NEW SOLUTIONS" for Your Old Problems At This Conference

Let Me Show You What You'll Be Experiencing At This LIVE Event!

Day 1: Hiring a Committed Team


     - How to recruit, hire and retain Your Dream Team “Disney Style”
     - Understanding America’s Childcare Crisis
     - How to build your employer brand
     - Understanding the new generation of childcare workers
     - How to stop workplace drama
     - How to manage different generations in the workplace
     - How to speak like a leader
     - How to embrace change and lead innovation-
     - How to avoid burnout by Advent Health

Day 2: Modern Digital Marketing

     1.  Branding your Business
     2. Marketing to millennials and Gen Z
     3. How to create a digital marketing blueprint
     4. Marketing a Small Business Locally
     5. What you need to know about websites
     6. Social Media marketing fundamentals
     7. Service as a Super Power Disney Style

Turn your childcare into the business you’ve always dreamed of.



Our Sponsors

State of the art facility...

Obviously with Covid restrictions, we have to do things a little different.

If it were up to us, we'd all just meet like normal, but unfortunately the hotels have to abide by government regulations, and if we want to hang out together, we have to follow the rules...

Now, the GREAT news is that our conference will be held in Orlando Florida, which will allow us the BEST CASE meeting scenarios. So here is how it's going to work:

The BEST CASE Scenario

The BEST CASE is all Covid restrictions are lifted, and we get to meet together, all 250 child care owners in the most innovative and comfortable room below:

At this moment we need to follow social distance guidelines and only 50 people are allowed to attend.

Free parking

Network area



Let me show you what you'll be experiencing at this childcare conference!

Thursday, October 21st


 DOORS OPEN at 7:45am!
The event kicks off on Thursday!

Be sure to arrive early on Thursday so that you have plenty of time to register for the event, and so you have time to network with other child childcare owners before we get started!

Coffee, tea and snacks will be available.

So...word to the wise...plan to arrive early enough on Thursday with plenty of time to settle in, register, and network! ;) 


Hiring a committed team

Thursday, October 21st

 First speaker starts at 9:00 am!
John Formica
Chanie Wilschanski
Dr. Sarah Vanover
Ann Beecham SHRM-CP, MBA
Beth Cannon
Mary Gardner
Jill Seeley
Christopher P. Ice
Marnie Forestieri
Trish Polito
Connor Santo
Glenn Bill

John Formica

Ex- Disney Guy and Motivational Speaker

The World’s Leading Customer Experience Coach presents “What if Disney Ran YOUR business and the secrets of having magical people working for you! 
How to Find and Hire Magical People!
Avoid the #1 mistake most businesses make when finding and hiring people for their business. 

Stop turnover and the revolving door of average or poor performing players on your team. 

Chanie Wilschanski

Coach / Speaker

Chanie is an Early Childhood Leadership Coach and CEO of where she has worked with hundreds of EC Directors and School Owners who are working to build a School of Excellence with higher staff retention, teacher motivation, parent partnership, and collaborative culture.
Maximize the Roles & Responsibilities of a High-Performing Team and grow your school AND enjoy freedom as the School Leader
There ARE school leaders who effectively delegate, and as a result...

💡 Enjoy managing high-performing teams without stress
💡 Have highly engaged team members
💡 Attract and retain staff that are leaders not assistants
💡 Savor better quality of life with your family
💡 Enjoy higher profits with less work

You'll learn

💡 The secret, simple method to help you overcome the common challenges that arise when delegating to other team members
💡 An exact blueprint on how to design your day so you have healthy boundaries & a smooth-running school, even when you're not present
💡 Step-by-step methods to filter through distraction & keep you, the owner, focused on the high priority work

Dr. Sarah Vanover

Author/ Speaker

Author of America's Child Care Crisis: Rethinking an Essential Business and Director for the Division of Child Care for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
America's Childcare Crisis
Before COVID-19 struck, the child-care industry faced funding issues and staffing dilemmas. Author Dr. Sarah Vanover shares insights on the topic.

Ann Beecham SHRM-CP, MBA

Senior Business & HR Consultant

Innovative and creative Human Resources Executive who truly can envision the talent in the organization from an operational perspective.

Ann is able to visualize systems and implement them to truly create better workplaces and increased productivity.
How to Manage the 5 Generations 
in the Workplace
Those who are at this event will get early access to all of the gifts that ANN has been creating for you behind the scenes... That's all we can tell you for now... but just know that you will be blown away!

Mary Gardner

CEO of Inspirational Speakers Academy

A nationally recognized speaker. Mary Gardner rose to prominence as an industry giant and an agent at Kepler Speakers. 

She then founded The Coaches Certification Institute in Princeton, New Jersey, the first business and life coaching and training school on the east coast. 

An avid communicator with a passion for helping others, including Introverts, find their voice, tap into their power and step into their confidence to speak with impact and influence.
Speak Like a Leader 
Great relationships are the cornerstones of all good business practices. 

Inspiring Leaders are excellent at coaching, collaborating, and public and private communication.

Glenn Bill

America's #1 Attitude Keynote Speake

Glenn Bill is a serial entrepreneur and ravenous learner of attitude and self-improvement.

Glenn’s latest endeavor is the University of Attitude. His goal: to change the world one attitude at a time.

The ABC of Attitude
What you will learn:

⚡ I will show you how to elevate your attitude and create ultimate success in anything you pursue, using formulas, assessments, and the history to show you that dominating with attitude is as easy as the ABC’s.

Glenn will help you advance your self mastery, prospecting Mastery, Seller Mastery, Buyer Mastery and Value Mastery

Marnie Forestieri

CEO and Founder Young Innovators Academy

CEO and founder of Young Innovators Academy and Gryphon House Author. Marnie is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for introducing innovative approaches and business models. As a successful operator of large child-care centers, she has been recognized nationally, has presented at national conferences and has written books for parents, children, administrators and educators.
Leading Childcare Organizations
Great relationships are the cornerstones of all good business practices. Inspiring Leaders are excellent at coaching, collaborating, and public and private communication.


Early Childhood Leadership Strategist

Is an instructional design specialist and business leadership strategist, that has created and delivered training programs in over 20 countries to thousands of early education and childcare business professionals for over 23 years.
Employer Brand
In this session, you’ll go from going through the motions to being excited about working with your team to build the BEST work community you can imagine to build your employer brand.

Connor Santo

AdventHealth Health Educator, Employee Health and Well-being Team

Connor Santo is a Health Educator on the Employee Health and Well-being team with AdventHealth. Connor earned a Bachelor of Science in Family Youth and Community Sciences with a minor in Nonprofit Organizational Leadership from the University of Florida. Prior to becoming an Educator, Connor was working as a certified Child Life Specialist in the Pediatric Emergency Department at AdventHealth East Orlando. Connor has a passion for life and wants to use that passion to help others grow and embrace truly living their best whole lives.

Trish Polito

Certified Child Life Specialist at AdventHealth for Children

Trish Polito is a Certified Child Life Specialist at AdventHealth for Children. Trish earned a Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Development with a minor in Therapeutic Recreation from Georgia Southern University. She has worked on multiple units over the last 9 years including the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Outpatient Procedures, Sedations, and Radiology. Trish absolutely loves her job and loves bringing play and normalization to the hospital setting.
Turning Stress Into Success
 Learn how to detect signs and symptoms of stress and how to manage feelings of stress through various responses and strategies. In this session, you will learn how you can turn your stress into success.

Jill Seeley

Sr. Transformation Consultant

Jill is an Enterprise Transformation Consultant with CoachHub- a digital coaching company on a mission to democratize coaching. She is also a Certified Predictive Index Practitioner and Talent Optimization Consultant. For the better part of 20 years Jill has provided human capital consulting to organizations helping them align their people strategy with business objectives to produce winning teams and achieve optimal business results. Jill’s expertise spans consulting, business development, talent management recruiting, staffing, executive placement, learning and development, psychometric evaluation, and professional coaching.

Jill received her BA from Northwest Missouri State University in Communications with a minor in Criminal Justice and lives in Orlando Florida.
Reducing Workplace Drama
Owners and directors have the ability to positively transform culture, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. In this session, you will be enlightened and uniquely equipped to achieve new levels of performance.


Modern Digital Marketing

Friday, October 22nd

 DOORS OPEN at 7:45 am!

John De Armas

Business Growth Strategist

Business Growth Strategist and builder of brands. C-Level executive and former CEO in wide range of industries including Media, Consumer Goods, Telecommunications and Education including Direct, TV, ATT, HSN and Sumitomo Corporation.
General Session
Proving the impact of marketing on the wider business can be challenging. Learn how to measure the return on Investment of your marketing dollars and the secrets to build your childcare brand from John De Armas.

Oliver Von Trapp

CEO and Founder Hopscotch CRM

Oliver specializes in helping childcare centers in their digital transformation journey to connect with the new generation of parents.
Marketing to Millenials
How do you connect with the new generation of parents? In this session you will learn the basics of marketing to millennials and their customer journey from inquiry to enrollment. Learn the different touch points to design your parent experience.

Marnie Forestieri

CEO and Founder Young Innovators Academy

CEO and founder of Young Innovators Academy and Gryphon House Author. Marnie is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for introducing innovative approaches and business models. As a successful operator of large child-care centers, she has been recognized nationally, has presented at national conferences and has written books for parents, children, administrators and educators.
Create your Digital Marketing Blueprint
Digital marketing strategies start with an understanding of the fundamentals. In this session you will learn the steps to create a market research, how to find your market position and create your digital marketing plan.

Kris Murray

Creative Director

Kris Murray, one of the finest childcare marketing visionaries of our generation is joining us!
Kris has been inspiring the industry with her charming personality and wisdom over the last decade.
The Ultimate Child Care Marketing Guide: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Success
Kris Murray, one of the finest child care marketing visionaries of our generation is joining us!

Kris Murray has changed the lives and businesses of hundreds of early childhood leaders and owners. As a child care expert she has over 23 years of experience in helping small businesses grow and become more profitable by implementing unique marketing strategies that work.

Louie Gravance

Frm Disney Institute Trainer and Author

In Service is a Superpower: Lessons Learned in Magic Kingdom, Louie Gravance uses his signature combination of humor and personal experience to narrate his journey through the realm of customer service. Part memoir, part self-help manual for businesses big and small, Gravance interweaves his tales of life at Disney theme parks with practical guidance gleaned during the course of a thirty-year career in the service and entertainment industries.

Gravance teaches us that the importance of delivering the finest service experiences possible is not just crucial for the livelihood of a company it also leads to developing a culture of respect and responsibility that is so coveted in the corporate world today. Throughout the book, Gravance crafts an intriguing tale that demonstrates how working at Disney theme parks changed the way he viewed customer service, and elucidates the transformational effects it can have on those who provide it.

Service is a Superpower is a personal history and guidebook of best industry practices, offering a unique spin on a tale as old as time, all presented in the tone and style that only Gravance can deliver. From entertainer to training designer for the Disney University in Orlando, Florida, he shares the stories and lessons that inform his central philosophy: great service serves the server first!

About Louie is often referred to as “the guy that can make the Disney service concepts work outside of Disney.” From 1987 to 2014 Louie enjoyed a distinguished career with Disney theme parks, designing everything from live-entertainment experiences to customer service training programs through the Disney Institute in Orlando Florida
The Science Of Achievement...
The Art Of Fulfillment
Frm Disney Institute Professor, Louie Gravance "the guy that can make the Disney service concepts work outside of Disney," talks about why Service is a Superpower.

John Ostrem

Mobile software, artificial intelligence, machine learning, applications, business development.

Dr. Ostrem many years of experience developing new technology, bringing products to market, and founding new companies. Currently he is founder and senior advisor to AvatarMind Robot Technology, a company that makes the iPal social robot for children's education, elder care, and retail/hospitality. Previously he founded China MobileSoft in 2001, a company that developed Linux-based telecommunications software for the Chinese and International markets, and at various times served as Chairman, CEO, and CTO. China MobileSoft was acquired by PalmSource in early 2005 and subsequently Dr. Ostrem served as Lead Scientist at PalmSource. Subsequently he was CTO and Chief Scientist of Nexage, a company that provides mobile Ad optimization and brokering services. Currently he is a member of the Technology Advisory Panel for Robotics for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Previously he served on the Board of Directors of the Linux Phone Standards Forum, and as Chairman of the Steering Committee of OSDL’s Mobile Linux Initiative. Dr. Ostrem began his career as a scientist at SRI International (the former Stanford Research Institute), and developed the initial technology behind CIC, one of the first technology companies to be spun off from SRI. He has a Ph.D. from the University of California.

The Future is waiting for you!

Learn From Some of The Most BRILLIANT Minds in The Childcare Industry, Business and Marketing !

We personally hand-pick a variety of powerful speakers to present on stage. Each presenter is carefully chosen for a specific PIECE of knowledge, a story, or an experience that I want them to share, because it plays a choreographed part in how to help you get from where you are right now, to the next level in your childcare!

Get Access to The Future of Childcare Conference

Turn your childcare into the business you’ve always dreamed of.


Is there a VIP/Preferred seating area?
At this time, there is no VIP or Preferred seating.

Do you make special accommodations for those with physical limitations?
Yes. Special Early Access is available. Please reach out via this chat.

Can I purchase an Early Access Ticket?
No, not at this time.


What covid protocols will be in place?
We will follow the State and venue Guidelines/Regulations at the time of the event. More information will be provided as appropriate.

Are you going to be enforcing a mask policy?
Yes. We will be following State/City/venue guidelines for masks and overall safety. Our ability to host this event will be determined by following the rules and regulations at the time of the event.

Can you tell me what health and safety precautions are going to be in place?
- We will continue to analyze and make determination on appropriate precautions.
- Masks and hand sanitizer will be available. We will also be adhering to Florida’s and the venue's policies and guidelines that are in place at the time of the event.

Do I need a Vaccine to attend?
Yes.  Based on current COVID tracking numbers, the venue is taking a few extra precautions for upcoming meetings. All participants must attest to being fully vaccinated.

What happens if I get sick while traveling to the Event and/ or get sick at the Event?
Participants should stay home, if they have any of the slightest symptoms (runny nose, sore throat, cough).
- If at the Event, please provide us with notice; we will send out more details closer to the Event.
- If you get sick before the Event (see above).
- If you get sick at the Event, we ask that you notify us and do not attend.

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